An ongoing exploration in user-generated urbanism

Design Process

Bushwaffle is an ongoing experiment in developing simple, effective tools for participatory urbanism. Rebar continues to refine Bushwaffle design elements (such as its shape, folding capabilities and fastening system) and research state-of-the-art materials technology.

Design Elements

Certain elements are critical to Bushwaffle's success as a social greening tool. These elements were explored in depth during the intial design phase, and continue to be at the heart of Bushwaffle development: process_inflatableInflation For ease of portability and unobtrusive storage process_shapeShape Optimize for tessellation and stability, with consideration to approachability process_strap Fastening System To facilitate building structures and emergent forms process_materialsMaterial Must be durable enough for urban surfaces but soft enough to invite play process_colors Color Should differentiate Bushwaffle from surroundings and project friendliness