An ongoing exploration in user-generated urbanism


In solving for this design problem, we looked around us – to nature, technology, fashion, and notions of modern convenience. From its inception to its current form, Bushwaffle has undergone a multitude of changes, but the concepts behind these original inspirations remain embedded in the present form and are always in mind as the design process moves forward. inspiration_original1How do organisms like ants, bees, and slime molds work together to achieve common goals, while remaining autonomous creatures? What kinds of things draw people together in a collaborative way, and what pushes them apart? What are the barriers to entry one faces when engaging in casual social situations? Borrowing from these inspirations, a new tool emerged – one that uses softness, bright color and a friendly shape to break down social barriers, so we can begin the process of creating more useful open space and building a richer community. equalsbushwaffle